Direct access to pools of handpicked workers

Our team of recruitment specialists screen every applicant on the Sidekicker platform. Only 10% are approved to apply for your work.

Job posting system

Our job posting system allows you to post work out to the Sidekick community.

Rated & reviewed Staff profiles

All Sidekicks are rated and reviewed after each job. See their detailed profiles and previous job history before selecting your them.


Private Talent Groups

Create your own private talent pools through Sidekicker Groups. View all of your workers and post jobs to them through Sidekicker Groups.

Smart Notification System

Our smart notification system allows you to choose who to send work to. You can start by sending it to your private talent group and then you can choose to notify the wider community.

Job templates

Create templates of popular jobs to save you time when posting regular work.

Bring your own workers

Sidekicker allows you to upload your existing contract workforce into our system to use our tools to manage, pay and rate them. Call our team on 1300 098 375 to learn more.

Employer of record payroll services

If you want to use the same Sidekick on an ongoing basis or have internal requirements around contractors, Sidekicker payroll services can become the employer of record and the employment relationship. Contact our team to learn more.


Payment engine

Sidekicker’s one click payment engine allows you to pay your extended contract workforce at the click of a button. All invoices and payment history is contained in your transaction history.

Payment terms

If you’re paying a large workforce through our employer of record service Sidekicker offers payment terms.


Sidekicker can provide basic excel reports of your spend on your extended workforce.


Staff Rating & Review System

Sidekicker’s rating and review system allows you to keep your workforce accountable and helps you decide who to hire to complete your work.

Professional Service

Workforce Recruitment

Sidekickers team of recruitment specialists can put together teams of Sidekicks to help you grow out your extended workforce.

Account Management

Sidekicker’s account managers can help select and manage your extended workforce. This is popular when dealing with a large amount of workers.

“Sidekicker offers you a resource pool of talent that you can tap into at any time”

David Chiapoco

Head of Design & Product at Equiem