Why is Sidekicker perfect for your hotel?

Simple technology to hire, manage, and pay temporary staff

Using Sidekicker, you can simply post a job, then select who you want to work for you. You can see detailed profiles for each Sidekick, including ratings and reviews from previous work, so you have control over the staff you hire.

Staff you can rely on

Sidekicker gives you an extended workforce at you fingertips, saving you time and money. Sidekicker interviews and skills tests all Sidekicks before are accepted onto the platform, so you can be confident that they'll hit the ground running for your function, conference, or event.

Dedicated customer success managers

Sidekicker provides you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager 24/7 to ensure your resourcing needs are met. Our team is always available to provide the support you need.

Choose how you use Sidekicker

We understand you need to be flexible, so we are as well

Sidekicker Workforce

Tap into our pool of industry qualified staff, select your favourites, or have our team do it for you. Find Sidekicker staff that you love, add them to your private groups, and hire them over and over again.

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Sidekicker Try Before You Hire

Find a Sidekick that you like and then hire them full-time for a small market leading fee.

Trial potential candidates through Sidekicker before committing to a full-time position and be confident when building your team.

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Sidekicker Management

Bring your own casual workforce onto Sidekicker and use our tech to notify your staff instantly and schedule them onto shifts.

If your casual workforce is not available, tap into Sidekicker’s pool of temporary staff.

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Find the right Sidekick for the job

With thousands of talented Sidekicks, we’ve got every need covered

Why thousands of businesses love Sidekicker

No upfront costs

It’s free to make a request for workers on Sidekicker. Only pay once hours are confirmed and the job is complete.

Hire staff in minutes

Make a request for staff in less than a minute. 93% of businesses have the staff they need in under 4 hours.

4.8 average staff rating

Only 15% of applicants make it through our application process. We’ve done the hard work so you can quickly access quality staff.

Cost savings

Sidekicker’s on-demand staffing platform can save you between 20-50% compared to traditional temporary staffing agencies.

Private talent pools

Create groups of your preferred Sidekicks and  send shifts directly to them for a quick and consistent workforce on demand.

Convenience and support

You can request staff at anytime and our system will instantly notify our Sidekicks of your job. Support is just a phone call away.

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